Stepnicka Jewelry is a Danish Jewelry brand. It was founded in 2004 by Ditte Stepnicka. A trained goldsmith and designer based in Copenhagen.


Her designs settle with the common idea of what a piece of jewelry can look like; to Stepnicka there is no such rule that a ring needs to be round to be wearable. When she develops one piece other ideas come into existence in the progress. This is why they are all a product of one another.    

The Stepnicka brand presents the essence of minimalism. An aesthetic and feminine collection of jewelry which is characterized by its distinctly clean lines, geometrical forms and subtle details. Function and aesthetics are equal factors in this brand.

Every piece is elegantly handcrafted which results in a unique collection of jewelry in precious metals. Additional elements such as diamonds, other gemstones, Tahiti and South Sea Pearls are carefully selected to complete the pieces.

The jewelry has been sold in Denmark, Sweden, Japan, Ireland and USA including San Francisco and The MoMA Design Store in New York.